Let us get straight to the idea: You can now get iMessages for Android gadget! Because of a user friendly, 16-year-old developer, you also can mail and acquire iMessages employing both the iOS along with Android programs. Todo this, the messaging program WeMessage utilizes your Mac for a proxy, so letting it send messages by way of Apple’s messaging servers directly to your mobile cell phone.

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There are similar apps across recent years who have tried to cover the issue of connecting Android end users with their own iPhone-sporting good buddies via assorted hacks and exploits, however many , if not all, wound up becoming shut down for violating Apple’s provisions and solutions. The tech behind WeMessage isn’t against any of Apple’s latest coverages, however, there’s really a small grab connected to the trick — you are going to require a Mac to use it.


As a way to get iMessages for Android apparatus, you will have to get a Mac which is tethered and on to your phone in any way moments. Listed here is just how exactly to do it.

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Setting Up WeMessage On Your Phone 

Future, you’ll need to get into the WeMessage app in your mobile cell phone. It’ll request your own IP address, electronic mail password, and password, that should be indistinguishable for that which you’ve entered once you set up the server onto your own PC. Additionally, it is worthwhile to sync your connections on your computer and your mobile, and that means you don’t have to consider everyone else’s contact number and current email . To do so, click the Sync Contacts button in the upper-left corner of your display. A pop-up will subsequently appear on your laptop or laptop, asking which you give access for your own contacts.

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Tap the addition indication to initiate a fresh dialog, or pick out a few of these selections from the list of conversations on the main page. Remember, nevertheless, that you simply must continue to keep your computer on as a way to utilize the software, also you want both Root and iMessage running. In the event you reduce that connection, you won’t be able to send messages until the text is already restored. WeMessage does possess a queue element that will store your unsent messages and soon you’re attached again, however there is absolutely nothing else that you will need todo, apart from keep your connection.


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